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Ali Flis Residency Associate Director Message


I came to the University of Utah Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PM&R) Residency program because the commitment to education, integrity, and curiosity was immediately tangible in talking to faculty and staff. As one of the Associate Program Directors, I strive to build on and further improve this tradition of crafting an ideal learning environment for all. I am committed to lifetime learning, challenging unexamined dogma, and buttressing our practice in evidenced based medicine. I try to carry those values forward in my roles as Director of the PM&R Consultation Service and the Chief Value Officer for the Department of PM&R.  These roles have imparted a unique perspective of patient care at the Neilsen Rehabilitation Hospital and the mechanics of a large academic health system. I am singularly positioned to see the patient care process multidimensionally from patient consultation, to admission, and discharge. Moreover, I can appreciate and guide development across the larger temporal scale of physician training and the cultural evolution of medicine. These perspectives have allowed me to improve the resident experience by focusing on improving work flows, efficiency, and enhancing learning opportunities while on a busy inpatient rotation. It’s my firm belief that residency is the time to immerse yourself in as much learning as possible. I am dedicated to provide as many teaching opportunities as possible to strike an optimal balance of learning and productivity as well as personal and professional growth in the field of PM&R. I am a firm believer that physicians need to prioritize personal wellness and growth. This has led to the creation of the Neilsen Rehabilitation Athletic Club which organizes group athletic events to promote mental and physical wellbeing. 

Ali Flis, MD

Residency Program Associate Director
Department of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
University of Utah






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