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Resident Didactic Curriculum

The didactic series is an 18-month cycle and provides four hours of resident lectures per week on Thursday mornings. The curriculum is designed to cover the breadth of PM&R practice and fully prepare residents for board certification. Lectures are provided by PM&R faculty, outside faculty, and allied health professionals. 

Emphasis is placed on an active learning philosophy. In addition to covering medical knowledge competency requirements, the curriculum also provides detailed presentations encompassing areas, such as patient care, professionalism, communication skills, practice-based learning, and systems-based practice.

Journal Club Conference

This conference emphasizes becoming familiar with research in the field of PM&R. The development of critical appraisal skills and an evidence-based approach to patient care are stressed. Attendees are also expected to gain a greater appreciation for research design and methodology principles as well as how to apply new research into clinical practice. A multidisciplinary sports medicine journal club is also available to PM&R residents on outpatient rotations. The Tuesday spine/EMG journal club at UUOC is required for all residents on outpatient rotation as well as VAEMG rotation. Additionally, each site has its own journal club which is mandatory to attend when rotating at the site.

PM&R Grand Rounds

Presented by residents and faculty, this conference is designed to cover a specific area of PM&R or related practice in depth. Senior residents may present their accomplishments in scholarly activity in this forum. Grand rounds presentations provide an opportunity for residents to develop and improve their large group presentation skills as well as skills in reviewing and assimilating the medical literature. Faculty and outside speakers allow us to learn about current research and active areas of interest.

PM&R Didactics 2

Quality Improvement

This meeting involves structured training in quality improvement as well as active participation in a quality improvement project. This will occur once monthly over each year. Formal methods of program evaluation, peer-review, and continuous quality improvement will also be discussed.

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